Nepal’s best kept secret, is now out of the box!

Tales of Wai Wai were carried far and wide, mostly from students from north and east of India.The few lucky ones who happened to chance upon it swore by it. You could eat it anyway, straight out of the pack, a full meal or some soup for the soul. Who would've thought that a packet of noodles could be had in so many different ways? It was truly love in a pack. From being that packet of noodles from Nepal to make its way to dining tables across 32 countries, Wai Wai has traveled a long way! And everyone wants a bite of Wai Wai, so much so that we can make more than 2.3 billion packets of Wai Wai every year.



Think you’ve done it all with your Wai Wai? Well, think again! We’ve got a whole bunch of recipes that you can try out.